Most couples will search and search for the perfect elements to pull their wedding day together, but for Katja and Sašo, it seemed that things just sorted out for them.They knew that Kendov dvorec Idrija was just the right kind of rustic, raw space that they could dress up and warm up for their big day. The band that was destined to play at their wedding also came from the most unusual genre- rock and roll. Katja and Sašo are rockers!

Every element selected that was included in Katja and Sašo’s wedding day was special to them. The place – Kendov dvorec Idrija, the old Rolls royce – parents surprise and a bunch of balloons. But perhaps the sweetest of all was the presence of lots of little children. They were all over the place, enjoying the complete freedom at the wedding party. Yes: they belonged there. My congratulations go out to Katja and Sašo for not only tying the knot, but for doing it in such a wonderfully whimsical and unique way that was true to them. Well done, you two, and thank you for selecting me to document it.


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